We are a strategic marketing insight company using data and customer understanding to reduce risk when making crucial business decisions. We offer a range of solutions, primarily in Innovation, Customer Behaviour and Brand Management.

Our experts will interrogate your brief, challenge assumptions and develop an effective, affordable programme to deliver the insights and actions you need for your key business questions and issues.

We are guided by the Insitas promise “You will leave every Insitas debrief knowing what you need to do and why”.


Gaining a competitive advantage has never been more challenging. We recognise that innovation is crucial to keeping ahead. We work through the innovation process to maximise the chances of success.

Customer Behaviour

Every purchase moment is unique. Understanding each one and drawing them together to gain holistic insight is what our clients find invaluable.

Brand Management

Understanding what a brand means to its customers, measuring its health and maximising its value are at the heart of brand management. We help our clients meet these challenges.



Search for opportunity

Our approach starts with needs or insights, making sure an opportunity exists before you invest in ideas, concepts and product development.

We use blended qualitative and quantitative research techniques to discover insights or needs with the most potential.

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Shortlist possible winners

Our idea testing framework is the next step in our innovation process and is designed to filter and prioritise a wide number of ideas developed against a quantified need or insight. This allows you to shortlist ideas for full concept development.

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How do your brand concepts perform?

Our concept testing measures success against defined action standards so you can invest in winning concepts with confidence.

We perform strict statistical tests on a number of measures and KPIs to assess the strength of the concept to provide assurance that it will deliver.

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Brand and naming research

A product name is visible to customers at every touch-point, so it must fit the brand, be memorable and make consumers feel good.

Using robust statistical testing we assess a series of important, relevant questions to determine which name will produce the most value throughout all commercial channels.

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Advanced analysis customer behaviour

Once a concept has been tested and refined, it’s vital to know where sales will come from – new consumer spend, spend on a competitor brand or spend on one of your own brands.

Our smart tool measures cannibalisation from a family brand and steal from any competitor; allowing you to know how customer behaviour will change once your new product is on the shelf.

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Path to purchase

Customer journey

We look at the bigger picture in consumer behaviour and explore the wider influences on shopping decisions.

We use blended methodologies to uncover the reasons behind behaviours – from exploration of drivers and barriers, to advanced analyses that identify derived importance in decision making. These insights allow you to keep customers engaged and drive sales to become the supplier of choice.

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Combining research, statistics and marketing expertise

Knowing your customer profile is the first key step to positioning your brand and developing your product range.

We work with you to name, size and define the segments and bring the profiles to life to maximise relatability. By providing a deep understanding of your customer, we can help provide strong foundations for targeted marketing activity to inspire action and exploit growth opportunities.

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Speaking the same language

Using our unique, interactive consumer research tool, we identify the optimal claim from a selection. Our fresh approach enhances traditional methods by allowing respondents to tweak a claim to the language which best suits them.

Our building-block style allows a completely customised claim to be produced that can then be analysed using advanced methodologies to ensure your final claim is exactly what your customer wants to see.

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Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty

The relationship between purchase loyalty and satisfaction varies by business, country and over time. Satisfaction and true loyalty need to be measured to learn how good you are or where you need to be.

Our programmes incorporate other sources of data, competitive context and market drivers to gain deeper understanding of how to drive your business forward.

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Business to Business

Understanding the challenges of B2B

Not all customers are consumers. We have a wealth of experience working with B2B clients and use best practice approaches to maximise our depth of understanding amongst audiences who are often hard to reach and short on time.

We work with you to ensure insights drive your strategies - whether that be customer relationships, product innovation or brand management. Our team has worked across a number of sectors from raw materials to manufacturing and marketing solutions to distribution – both within the UK and internationally.

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Action-inspiring brand tracking and monitoring

To support marketing planning, you should expect more than metrics and a good return on investment. We provide a fresh perspective and an engaging experience at every stage, measurable through how embedded our insights become within your business.

As research partners, we strive to deliver strategic, meaningful and action-inspiring insight. We deliver brand tracking that is tailored to your business, relevant and fresh.

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Optimising for profitability

We apply rigorous product research and testing to ensure you build the right range of products that will deliver optimal reach and profit whilst minimalising cannibalisation.

We use TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis to discover what the ultimate product range is. We apply scientific methods alongside commercial awareness to generate your optimal product range across all customers.

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Pricing & Promotions

Winning the marginal battle

Understanding the optimum price point for a new or existing product is crucial. Equally, effective promotions are invaluable to reach volume targets.

We design robust methodologies around specific requirements using a range of techniques from simple charts and price sensitivity, to advanced simulators or choice-based conjoint analyses.

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Messaging & communications

Perfecting your brand voice

Ensuring customers hear your brand’s communications is one challenge – making sure they understand your message and act on them is another altogether.

Every brand’s media mix is unique and our approach reflects this incorporating both rational and irrational campaign measurement to make sure your customers hear the right messages at the right moment.

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