Refreshing a segmentation in light of widening category penetration

Business Issue


Our client operates in an alcohol category which had grown rapidly in the last five years – increased penetration was the biggest single lever behind this growth. Insitas segmented the customer base back in 2010, but in light of the shifting customer base, our client was keen to know whether this customer understanding was still valid. If it wasn’t, what had changed and what new opportunities did it present?

Insitas Delivered


We uncovered several important changes; the category comprised far more consuming females, was much younger, and usage & attitudes had shifted. People were far more knowledgeable about the category than previously.

The segmentation largely held true, but with one critical development – an emergent, high value and high engagement segment.

Actions Taken


The new segment presented significant opportunity for our client. They knew how to build a media strategy to target them, and how to tailor messages using the right hooks. Golden questions meant these segments could be identified in future research, particularly useful when making decisions through the innovation funnel.