Increasing share without damaging brand reputation

Business Issue


Having spotted an opportunity to steal brand share from a key competitor, our client in the consumer electronics sector, developed a new product.

The new product was to be positioned with a lower price point than their standard offer in the hope of converting users of a competitor product.

Insights were needed to ensure the positioning of this new product didn’t alienate existing customers.

Insitas Delivered


The study was conducted across a number of European markets, in order to ensure a successful launch in key markets.

Our insights provided recommendations on pricing strategies to maximise profit, as well as identifying key product claims which would resonate well with both users of competitor products and existing customers.

Actions Taken


From our pricing analysis, an optimal price point was identified that was accessible to new customers whilst retaining a premium brand position.

Product launch claims were developed which tapped into key consumer needs, whilst reaffirming the current brand position.