Improving the customer journey experience to drive loyalty

Business Issue


With millions of customers per year and an ethos of delivering excellence our client needed to understand the key drivers of customer experience.

Performance thresholds exist – built into individual targets – meaning satisfaction needs to be tracked.

Customer numbers show high levels of seasonality and any experience measurement is needed on a continual basis.

Insitas Delivered


A large scale tracker involving around 10,000 face to face interviews per annum.

The sample is designed to provide a robust measure for each of the different customer journeys – surveying taking place 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year.

Analysis provides performance scores for all key customer groups throughout the year.

Actions Taken


Insitas identified the key experience drivers, enabling insight-driven actions to be developed for each customer journey strand.

Targets per customer type are developed jointly with the client to reach the overall business target within a five year plan.