Generating product claims for a premium product launch

Business Issue


Prior to the launch of an upgraded, premium beauty product, our client wanted to develop a set of claims to support its launch and promotion.

As category leader, the aim was to ensure that the product would exceed expectations among existing customers and appeal to a potential new audience, in order to drive increased sales and safeguard their esteemed reputation.

Insitas Delivered


Insitas conducted an in-home usage study across two countries over a prolonged period of six months. A number of online surveys were completed over time, with key product features and results measured at each stage. Open-ended responses were also collected to support quantitative results.

Analysis of key metrics revealed significant improvements with use of the product over time in many desired areas.

Actions Taken


A number of claims were generated in relation to improved results and perceptions of the product from long-term usage.

These were then used to support the upgraded product in time for launch along with a clear marketing strategy to secure sales and attract new customers.