3 stage approach to successful brand tracking

By Nicola Warrington

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Last week, The British Research Barometer was released by MrWeb looking at the current state of the insight industry. Despite there being a lot of chatter about social media tracking and big data, it came as no surprise to us that the type of study most commonly conducted in the last year, and indeed planned for 2019, is brand positioning and tracking. Just under 70% of market research professionals interviewed said they had conducted a brand study in the last year, with around 80% planning to do so in the next 12 months.

With this in mind, we have put together our thoughts on building the foundations for a strong brand tracking programme and how to ensure its continued success.

1. Get the basics right to create a strong foundation on which a brand tracker can be built and developed

Ask the right questions. Short, focused and relevant studies ensuring high quality data & insights.

Speak to the right people. Who do you want to talk to? Are you talking to enough people to take sound commercial actions?

Use the right approach. Use an approach which is suitable for the type of people you’re contacting and don’t over-survey your respondents.

2. Work together

Build strong agency partnerships. Keeping your agency up to date with latest developments and strategy provides context, enabling actionable insights.

Ensure support & buy-in from top management down. Help others to use the data – provide actionable insights and ownership across all functions.

Share your learnings & make them usable. Always consider your purpose and audience when sharing findings and present it in a relevant format.

3. Evolve the study with you to maintain relevance

Regularly review your study. Are you asking the right questions? Has your target audience changed? But get the balance right between maintaining consistency and relevance.

It goes without saying that alongside all of this, you need to ensure the insights you get from your study are actionable and will help grow your brand – but with the right approaches in place, this is down to the people working on the programme. At Insitas, we recognise that our most important resource – our people – are instrumental in both building trust with our clients and delivering high quality actionable insight to help you achieve your business objectives.

We don’t have a sales team – the people who design and then work on your project are research experts with years of experience who can offer creative thinking, best research design and actionable insights.